Dr. Kyle Reynolds DC is a Colorado Native hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Numerous injuries and concussions playing collegiate sports highlighted the value of chiropractic in his life. Suffering from migraine headaches for over a year, chiropractic care ended up being the only solution to his pain. This had a large impact on his life and eventually led him to Davenport, Iowa to attend the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic.

After spending a 9-month rotation at the Jefferson Barracks VA hospital in St. Louis and graduating Valedictorian; he decided to move back to Colorful Colorado to set up his own practice. He chose Fort Collins because he loves the community of people and their health conscious mind-set.

Dr. Reynolds has a passion for helping patients gain control over their health and to stop relying on others to tell them what they need. From pain management and sports injuries to wellness care and nutrition. Dr. Reynolds truly invests in each patient to set them up to live the healthiest lives possible.